The event is non residential  but Glastonbury has a wealth of accommodation for all price ranges. Everything from Hotels to B&Bs, Pods and posh Glamping sites. All within a short distance of the venue.

You will need to book your accommodation for the Gathering early. We would suggest booking it at least 4-6 months prior to the Gathering to get the best deal.

Accommodation in and around the town fills up quickly

Book your accommodation as soon as you can

You can pay your conference fee later  


(rates current at July 2023)

Premier Inn at Glastonbury 

Rates for 3 nights is £274 sterling 

Travelodge at Glastonbury 

rate for 3 nights £225 sterling

These 2 hotels are about 1.5 mile from the town centre and conference venue and should be booked direct on the links above for the best deals. (Walking time to conference venue is 30 minutes)


The George and Pilgrims (the iconic glastonbury hotel built in the 1400s - in the center of the town - see image opposite - Walking time to conference venue is 8 minutes)

rate for 3 nights £670 sterling

(book the George and Pilgrims at or

AirBnB has a big range of accommodation in the town.

Both and have many properties in Glastonbury.

The George and Pilgrims Hotel

Glastonbury Accomodations Web site

Glastonbury has many wonderful B&Bs, self-catering options, retreats and camping/glamping sites. Please note that Luxury B&Bs are placed as such due to star ratings rather than price range.