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Touring Avebury and area - Mon. 20th May
Dear Polarity Enthusiasts,
On Monday 20 May the day after the conference ends have we (Mary Jo Hoven & I) secured the wise, wonderful, mystical Sue Coulson for a private tour/adventure 12:00 to 17:00 (12-5pm). Our time with Sue will focus on the magic of the rocks and land there, Goddess energy, lay lines, Star people communications and some history. She can accommodate 3 people in her car. If we have more than one other person joining us we will need to find other transport in the area. Her fee is £80 per person for 3. For 6 people she offers a 10% discount. We would also want to add a bit of a Gratitude tip!

The tricky part is transportation from Glastonbury to Avebury and back. If someone has a car and wants to go and can take a few of us great or someone is comfortable driving on the left side of the road perhaps we can rent a car. Other wise a combo of trains, and ubers may be the transport.

I look forward to sharing this special journey with kindred Souls!

Love and light,
Cynthia Pierro, PTP, BCPP
Sue Coulson ~ Channel for the Star Nations/Workshop Facilitator/
Interview - Sue Coulson -Avebury.