The Programme begins with Registration at 6pm on Thursday 16th 2024

16th May 2024 Thursday (Evening only)

18.00 Registration

18.30 - 19.30 Snacks and Chat

19.30 - 21.30 Opening Symposium

with Morag Campbell and Phil Young


17th May 2024 Friday (All day)

9.45 - 12.45  Unity Consciousness, Rebirth and the Heart

with Caroline Shola Arewa

12.45 - 14.45 Lunch Break

14.45pm - 17.45 pm EmPowerFlow Yoga - Unfolding our Being

with Eleanora Lipton

17.45- 19.15 Dinner

19.15-21.45pm The Mysteries of the Five Pointed Star

with Karen Guerin


18th May 2024 Saturday (All day)

9.45 - 11.15  Moving from Within

with Barbara Fahringer 

11.30 - 13.00 Polarity Therapy - Working with Trauma

with Anthony Deavin.

13.00 - 14.45 Lunch Break

14.45pm - 17.45 pm Eva Reich's integration of Polarity into Gentle Bio-Energetics

with Dick Overly

17.45- 19.15 Dinner

19.15-9.45pm Medical Geomancy

with Phil Young


19th May 2024 Sunday (Half day)

9.45 - 12.45  Polarity as Holistic Health Promotion - The Polarity Emergency Kit

with Andreas Ledermann and Brigitta Raimann

13.00 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15 - 14.30 Closing

Unity Consciousness, Rebirth and the Heart - a restorative practise

 with Caroline Shola Arewa (UK)

We are on the Ancient isle of Avalon, considered the Heart Chakra of the world. A centre of powerful Energies and Magic.

This session focuses on your Heart Chakra, the centre of your Universe.
We will explore the importance of the Heart in ancient times, death, rebirth and the role of the heart today, as a powerful Energetic field.  

We will discuss the Evolution of Consciousness through the Chakras both personally and collectively.

What role as Energy workers do we play in conscious evolution? and how can we align with the energies.

We will work with the six pointed star and learn a shamanic restorative practise to bring us into greater alignment with the energetics of Avalon,

This practise can be used to refill your own cup and also be adapted for use with your clients.


sholahomeimage.jpgCaroline Shola Arewa

Shola, known as the Energy Doctor, is a renowned spiritual and wellness educator who has shared her award-winning energy work globally for over 3 decades. As a psychologist, speaker, and bestselling author of five books, including "Opening to Spirit" and "Energy 4 Life", she has earned her place as a leading figure in the field. Shola trains Spiritual Coaches and supports individuals to reclaim their energy and transform their lives. She empowers all who work with her to make important lifestyle changes for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Working with Shola is not just information, but transformation. Her work is delivered with an abundance of love and laughter. Put simply, Shola helps you get your Energy back and your Life on track! Shola Trained as a Polarity Therapist in 1992 in the UK with Phil Young and Morag Campbell.

EmPowerFlow Yoga - Unfolding our Being

with Eleanora Lipton (USA) Donna Futrell and Peter Rheim

EmPowerFlow Yoga combines Hatha Yoga poses with Energy Exercises as taught by Dr. Randolph Stone.  Dr. Stone calls the body’s energy system the Wireless Anatomy, i.e, the currents that vitalize the subtle and physical bodies.

You will get a series of health building postures for each of the 5 elements. This is a great series to do for yourself and is empowering homework for your clients.   We serve so many simply by helping others turn exhaustion into vitality AND stress into empowerment.       

      We are humans amidst a Universe of energy that awaits being harnessed!

  Here’s what we will do:

1.  Easy series to open the joints accessing Ether

2.  Warming up muscles to get the Fire going 

3.  Power up the core/Earth while coordinating right and left sides of the brain

4.  Warmed up and head on straight, Air currents are ready to move out through the heart chakra, and into shoulders, ankles 

5.  Dancing in Water, pelvis sways and some serious powers uppers for hips and low back

6.  Integration of elements - meditation and deep rest.

An outline of the poses will be given.  You are welcome to bring particular issues you wish to resolve.

We are excited to share this with you.


Eleanora New Pose.jpgEleanora Lipton    
Hatha Yoga, Polarity Therapy, and meditation has been Eleanora’s path for decades.  EmPowerFlow Yoga has evolved as the integration of these practices.  Her insight and skill simplify the process of moving into poses appropriate to your body’s current condition.  Understanding that your body has gotten you to Here and Now, with a great dose of compassion, will truly move you forward with more grace and ease. 

Donna/Lakshmi Futrell and Peter Rheim will be co-presenting

Medical Geomancy

with Phil Young (UK)

Geomancy was a sister art to Astrology in the Middle Ages. It originally arrived in Europe from the Middle East in the twelfth century. Its origins are lost in the mists of time but probably date back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It has sometimes been called the Western I-Ching and has links to Astrology. It is important to remember that Astrology in the middle ages was a horary and medical art. It was not practiced as the psychological system that is its primary usage today.  In the Middle Ages a doctor was usually an Astrologer as well as a Geomancer.

Geomancy can allow us to penetrate deeper into the underlying causes of a client's particular issues or physical problems. In this presentation we will explore the use of a unique Geomancy card deck to unlock deeper aspects of a client's health issues.


phil gathering.jpgPhil Young

Phil is a master Polarity Practitioner and International Polarity Educator. Since 1984 he has travelled extensively in Europe, North America, Canada and South Africa and introduced polarity to thousands of individuals. He has an in-depth knowledge of Dr Stone's work and is an authority on the Structural aspect of Polarity. He is renowned for his ability to convey the  theory and practice of Polarity,  as set out by Stone, in a clear and accessible way, backed up by his work with thousands of clients. Phil is author of Polarity Therapy - where Energy meets Structure and Function and co-author with Morag Campbell of Holonomic Reflexology and Energy Psychology - Stress and the Body. 

Phil has made it his life's work to keep spreading the word about Polarity Therapy. His influence extends to becoming President of APTA, setting up the Polarity Network, and in 2010 was a core member in establishing the International Polarity Education Alliance we know today.  Always interested in divination from a young age he has worked with the I Ching for many decades and over the last years has found a home in the use of  Geomancy with its overtones of polarity, correspondence and the natural elements.

Moving from Within

with Barbara Fahringer (USA)

An experiential session that will feature movements derived from Bartenieff Fundamentals, which offer a way of moving spatially, with intention and awareness rather than focusing on individual muscle strength. The movements concentrate on spirals; diagonals; the relationship between the head, sacrum, and solar plexus; rocking movements; freeing up the shoulder girdle; and more. Irmgard Bartenieff was born in Berlin in 1900. She was a dancer, choreographer, and physical therapist who studied with Rudolf Laban and eventually created her own system of movements, called the Fundamentals.

Participants will also be led through a simple movement meditation sequence that takes them on a mind-body-spirit journey while remaining within a few steps of where they started.

We will also use imagery to inform our body alignment. This approach was developed by Mabel Ellsworth Todd and is referred to as Ideokinesis.

barabaraF.jpgBarbara Fahringer

Barbara is a Polarity Therapist based in NY and has studied dance, movement and healing modalities as well as esoteric subjects for over 40 years. She is an RPP, a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, and has a masters degree in Dance Education. Her love of dance was further inspired when she joined the Sacred Dance Guild and currently she is on their board of directors as well as helping with their online journal. Barbara has also studied astrology since 1985.

Polarity as Holistic Health Promotion - The Polarity Emergency Kit

with Andreas Ledermann and Brigitta Raimann (CH)

 "We marvel at the magic of a butterfly, but rarely recognize the changes it has to go through."

Especially with the challenges of our times, the pillar of mindfulness and the element of ether are our constant companions in dealing with transformation and change. Together we will develop a Polarity emergency kit with tools from the Polarity health model. We will explore Polarity principles, meditation, mindfulness, heart circle, Wu Wei, process-oriented psychology, astro-medicine and herbal medicine as part of the kit.


Brigitta and Andreas.jpgAndreas Ledermann and Brigitta Raimann

Andreas and Brigitta share the management of the Polarity School for Holistic Naturopathy. With their practice since 1982 and their school in 1992, they belong to the pioneering generation of Polarity and naturopathy in Switzerland and offer their decades of experience and excellence in theory and practice. Insights from their international teaching activities are an inspiration and enrichment. Participants appreciate the personal atmosphere of this exclusive small business.

Eva Reich’s Integration of Polarity into Gentle Bio-Energetics

with Dick Overly (USA)

This workshop will focus on how Eva Reich integrated Polarity into her Gentle Bio-Energetics work that was based on her experiences with her father, Wilhelm Reich. In 1980 in Australia, she was introduced to a Polarity balance by Deborah Knight (Irvine) that supposedly came from Randolph Stone. Eva observed that the balance could facilitate the life energy wave going all the way through the body in even one session. In Reich’s therapy following the theory of Segmental Armor, she had learned it took a long time for this to happen. She then integrated the balance into her work realizing how much it could speed up the process. In 1989 I met Alan Siegel and discovered a lot more about Polarity than I had not known before. Both Eva and Alan encouraged me to teach others what I had learned from them.

In the presentation I will briefly share the history and theory of Eva Reich’s work and how she integrated Polarity into the process. I will then demonstrate the specific balance that she learned and used dramatically in her work. The balance is helpful for experiences where people have lost connection to the body such as after injury, surgery, abuse, during and after pregnancy, etc. I will also explore how the concepts from Polarity crossover with Gentle Bio-Energetic techniques.


dick overly.pngRichard Overly

Dick has been in the therapy realm since the late 1960’s: first, in pastoral counseling and healing prayer; then, in psychotherapy working with an integrative model of Gestalt therapy and Transactional Analysis; then, in training and using Gentle Bio-Energetics with Eva Reich and Polarity Therapy with Alan Siegel. He is author of books on GBE and a Manual of Polarity Therapy and GBE and has taught workshops and training programs in many countries. Contact:

Polarity Therapy – Working with Trauma

with Anthony Deavin (UK)

Trauma, i.e. disturbing vibrations, are received and stored by the connective tissue, leading to physical changes, e.g. muscle tightening, which Polarity treatment resolves. Simultaneously, the trauma will be released from the tissue. The aware patient may become aware of this release by experiencing a memory or feeling with a clarity that may not have been available before. This can present the possibility of resolving the trauma, using techniques to be discussed, thus extending the scope of the healing.

There are different ways to guide the patient in the release of trauma. Focusing (Eugene Gendlin) works with the felt sense. The trauma experience releases in stages as it’s feeling, especially accessible in the heart, is described. Trauma Energetics (William Redpath) is a valuable approach for patients who experience the trauma as an image. Within the image there is a black area through which the patient finds a way to pass into light. Some patients simply know, in words, the nature of the traumatic belief pattern. They can then consciously decide to no longer hold that belief.

It is hoped to demonstrate some of the above in practice.

P1020706.JPGAnthony Deavin 

Anthony studied Polarity Therapy with Franklyn Sills (1992), Cranio-sacral Therapy with Thomas Atlee, Ayurveda (Indian Medical Science), and Medical Herbalism. He has lectured in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology. He is a Polarity Therapy and Cranio-sacral Therapy educator. Anthony is particularly interested in practical ways that clients could be supported to deal with memories, feelings and images which come into conscious view during Polarity Therapy, thus potentially extending the depth of healing.

The Mysteries of the Five Pointed Star

Karen Guerin (USA)

Through an overview of the known historical, philosophical, and religious theories of the symbol of the Five Pointed Star (pentagram/pentangle), I will attempt to clarify and dismantle preconceived ideas about it that may unconsciously interfere with the practitioner’s use of the pattern for the benefit of the client. Whilst the usual interpretations are useful, there are deeper implications to explore that can deliver further results from my experience, which I will explore in detail.  There will be a “research” practicum for practitioners to experiment with the star in a new way and to discuss results. 


profile pic.jpgKaren Guerin

 I studied Polarity Therapy with James Arena and Craniosacral Therapy with Don Cornwell and Robert Stevens in the early 90s. I was granted an RPP over 20 years ago and grandfathered in to the BCPP status with APTA a few years ago when they restructured their credentials. 

My work as a practitioner and teacher was off and on for decades with a long hiatus to develop a career in the humanities which I have taught full time at the college level for 16 years. Nevertheless, Polarity principles have always been foundational to my thinking and the therapeutic practice always calls me back. At one time, I held a dogmatic view of Polarity, but I have grown to see it as an evolving art grounded in an ancient past. My humanities background has provided the skills to make those connections more easily than I would have in my youth and it is very satisfying to merge my interests in this way.